Priced from $11,550   Days: 11

This 11 day Antarctic cruise is for travelers who want to focus on spotting the majestic Emperor penguins well as see several other species of penguins:  Adelie, Chinstraps, Gentoo are all found on the Antarctic Peninsula. This cruise, aboard the comfortable 100 passenger M/V Ortelius, features many helicopter excursions that allow travelers access to remote, seldom seen areas where the landscape is truly otherworldly.

While crossing the Drake Passage, wildlife enthusiasts will see numerous species of seabirds, including Wandering Albatrosses, Grey Headed Albatrosses, Black-browed Albatrosses, Light-mantled Sooty Albatrosses, Cape Pigeons, Southern Fulmars, Wilson’s Storm Petrels, Blue Petrels and Antarctic Petrels.



This Arctic adventure cruise explores a part of the world that has been off-limits to visitors throughout much of its history.  Franz Josef Land, the Russian archipelago of almost 200 rugged arctic islands, is today part of the Russian Arctic National Park and home to a large variety of arctic birds as well as walrus, harp seals, bearded seals, polar bears and Greenland whales. 

Our 15 day voyage aboard the comfortable expedition ship M/V Sea Spirit sets sail from Longyearbyen, the Arctic adventure capital of the Norweigen territory of Svalbarb.  We sail north through the Barents Sea, beyond the Arctic Circle and into the 6000 square miles of Franz Josef Land. Walk in the footsteps of famous polar explorers on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  

Because permits to enter this region are not issued regularly, this could indeed be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit this area of the world. 


Early Booking Discounts Available! Days: from 20

In the Falkland Islands, where birdlife abounds, we discover easily accessible albatross and penguin rookeries on idyllic island farmsteads. In South Georgia, amidst the dramatic Southern Ocean seascape, we find world-famous wildlife beaches thronged with jousting elephant seals, raucous fur seals, and stately king penguins.

In the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula we explore a pristine polar wilderness of singular beauty, complete with bustling penguin colonies, dauntless seals, and voracious whales. On this ultimate wildlife expedition, each destination is more amazing than the last.

Priced from $7,950  

Basecamp Antarctica is our most active Antarctica cruise. It is designed for travelers who are want to really experience Antarctica in the way Shackleton in early 20th Century. Your ship will be your basecamp as you venture ashore for longer excursions.  We will stay for two or three days at each location to allow plenty of time for a wide variety of activities: mountaineering, hiking, photography, camping, kayaking and zodiac excursions - all activities are included in the price.  Polar diving is also offered for certified divers at an additional fee.

Passengers who do not wish to be as active will be able to enjoy our zodiac excursions and the regular shore program and land excursions of easy to moderate walks and hikes with the focus on wildlife spotting.

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The vessel will stay for two or three days at specific locations to serve our active passengers as a comfortable hub to allow more time than usual for wide ranging activities: mountaineers to climb mountain ranges (soft climbing), hikers to participate in long walks, photographers to explore photo opportunities, campers (on Antarctica only) to enjoy life at shore base camps, kayakers and zodiac passengers to explore near shores where the ship cannot go. 

Passengers who do not wish to become physically active will enjoy our zodiac excursions and follow the normal shore program and land excursions (easy to moderate walks and hikes with focus on wildlife). 

We aim for visiting active and manned research stations in the Antarctic and Arctic.

Passengers who want a less active experience will be able to enjoy our zodiac excursions and follow the normal shore program and land excursions, consisting of easy to moderate walks and hikes with a focus on wildlife viewing.  We plan to visit active, manned research stations as well.

On this voyage, you'll spend less time at sea in order to spend as much time ashore as possible.

These voyages are offered aboard the M/V Plancius and the M/V Ortelius, both ice-strengthened expedition class ships that offer comfortable and safe accomodations.  Your guides and expedition staff are among the best and most experienced in the business. These trips are for more active travelers who like a little adrenaline with their ice.

Priced from $5,600 CAD   Days: 8

Book now for 2017--(limited space--almost sold out) and we will include the first night hotel in Bella Bella, BC 

The shores of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is a richly biodiverse region that is home to black bears, grizzly bears, Orca whales, humpback whales, eagles, ravens, wolves, salmon, beavers, deer, and wolverines.  It is also the only place on Earth where the elusive Spirit Bear lives. The Spirit Bear, or Kermode, is a black bear with a rare genetic mutation that makes its fur transluscent white.  The local First Nations people of the region, who serve as guides on this trip, consider the Spirit Bear to be sacred.  One of the Tsimshians' myths says that "Raven made one in every ten bears white to remind the people of the time when glaciers covered this land."

Check out our Spirit Bear Lodge of the Great Bear Rainforest tour!

On this truly unique 8 day trip, we explore the inlets, bays, estuaries and old-growth forest aboard a 68" ketch, as well as by kayak and on foot. Our knowledgeable captain and local guides will take us to the areas where we are most likely to spot wildlife, including the Spirit Bear. 

We hike the cathedral-like old growth forest, where trees are so large it takes sixteen people to encircle their trunks. We kayak in the crystal clear waters full of huge star fish, we float along the largest kelp forests in the world, we duck under water falls from glaciers, and we spot ancient First Nations carvings tucked into the trees along the shore.  We visit a bear stand inland at the mouth of a river, where we have opportunities for some of the best wildlife photography in the world.

Aboard our sailboat, whales often follow our boat playfully.  "I have looked into the blow hole of a humpback," says International Wildlife Adventures Director Susie Green.  "This trip is so moving it makes grown men sob in awe and wonder."

Read Susie Green's blog of her recent Spirit Bear cruise

See pictures from other travelers:  Spirit Bear trip pictures 



Winner of TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Award for 2014, Turneffe Island Resort is the place to stay for a private, perfect Caribbean reef experience in Belize. All 20 rooms and cabanas feature private patios or balconies with views of the sea.

Special: Pay for 4 nights and stay for 7! Book now and stay between July 1-Dec. 15, 2017.

Dive at the the famed Blue Hole, snorkel in the warm breakwaters, look for birds in the Red Footed Booby Sanctuary, explore the island by kayak, or relax in a hammock on the sugary sand.

Book a day trip back to the mainland for zip lining or cave tubing. Or relax with a massage.

Whether you select a Hemingway-esque private cabana with a screened wraparound porch, or a beautifully appointed guestroom in the main lodge, you'll be immersed in warm, friendly service, fresh local foods - the best Belize has to offer.

Or, for an all inclusive Belize vacation that combines Turneffe Island Resort with a jungle experience, see our Belize Vacation Packages.


Priced from $7,200   Days: 11

If you want to visit the Antarctic Peninsula to see penguins as well as other wildlife, but your time and budget are limited, this is the expedition for you.  On this 11 day cruise you will have ample opportunity for wildlife viewing as you cross the Drake Passage and as you sail around the Peninsula and South Shetland Islands.  On this voyage, you will probably see Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins, Weddell and crabeater seals, humpback, minke, and fin whales, and countless birds including  brown skuas, imperial shags, antarctic terns, storm petrels, and cape pigeons.

You will also have several opportunities to set foot on Continental Antarctica, where few humans have ever been.  You will visit several active research stations and an abandoned whaling station, you will have opportunities to kayak and hike as weather conditions permit, and you will sail through the famed Neptune Bellows.

In the High Antarctic, you will explore stunningly beautiful waters by Zodiac, marveling at the colors of the ice in glaciers and icebergs all around.  In short, you will experience Antarctica - and for a lot less money than you may think.

The opening of the Caribbean's largest island, Cuba, to US citizens and its lengthy and stunning coastline begs to be explored by sea. Our Cruising Cuba voyage does just that aboard the luxury sailing vessels Panorama (48 passengers) and Panorama II (46 passengers). These small ships are perfect in size to provide an intimate and in-depth exploration of this charming island. Sail in air-conditioned comfort in beautiful cabins with marble in-suite facilities and expansive outdoor decks for soaking up the Cuban sun and scenery. It's only a matter of time before many of these ports and coastal towns will be inundated by mega-ships disgorging thousands of their passengers at each landing.

Our itinerary begins in Cienfuegos, whose French-influenced town center is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then aboard our ship we sail for 500 year-old Trinidad, also a World Heritage Site. We'll visit the little island of Cayo Largo with its white sand beaches and sea turtle breeding center. We'll learn about the endemic wildife at Guanahacabibes National Park, the largest of six nature reserves and visit a local school.

Continuing around the west end of Cuba, we'll anchor in the harbor of Old Havana. For the next few days, we explore this famous city, visiting with artists, musicians, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Las Terrazas as well as the home and stomping grounds of Ernest Hemingway. 

In addition of local Cuban guides, our on-board staff and expert expedition leader will make sure you get the most of your Cuba cruise!

Early Booking Discounts Available! Days: from 12

This classic voyage to Antarctica departs from Ushuaia, Argentina. The air gets colder and daylight grows longer as we head south across the infamous Drake Passage, accompanied by albatross. Our first sighting of the White Continent is the South Shetland Islands, historically significant and rich with iconic Antarctic wildlife.

Our time in the Antarctic Peninsula region focuses on the Gerlache Strait area, where towering mountains, immense glaciers, and blue icebergs create a picture-perfect setting for incredible penguin and marine mammal encounters. This is an authentic expedition in a wilderness of epic proportions.

From $13,200!   Days: 19-20

A cruise to Antarctica is a cruise to an inspiring and otherworldly place, where wildlife viewing opportunities abound. These voyages include the historic Falkland Islands and the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia as well as the Antarctic Peninsula itself. A cruise on the M/V Ortelius or M/V Plancius is excellent for wildlife viewing, as both ice-strenghtened ships feature plenty of protected viewing spaces, open deck space and zodiacs for shore expeditions and exploration.

For the traveler looking for an Antarctic cruise on a comfortable expedition class ship staffed by one of the world's most knowledgable polar nautical crews, this voyage to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica is an excellent choice. 


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